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Sustainability: Back Matter of the Report

Page history last edited by julie.staggers@unlv.edu 13 years, 11 months ago

The back matter of a report should include:

  • List of sources
  • Appendices


List of sources

Cite your outside information/sources using an accepted style manual. Choose Chicago or APA Style (no MLA please!) and follow it consistently.



An appendix is a place to put information that just will not fit into the main body of the report but still needs to be in the report. Good candidates for the appendices are things like big tables of data, large maps, forms used in an organization, or verbatim transcripts from interviews. Give each item in an appendix its own letter (A, B, C, etc.)


You can include photocopies of related information. You can also include survey or interview results, but you should never include "raw" data; always present your results so that your reader does not have to sift through large amounts of information. Data should always be processed, condensed and tabulated for the reader.


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