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Sustainability: Recommendation Report

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Links:  Stage 1: Research Proposal / Stage 2:  Progress Report / Stage 3: Recommendation Report / Stage 4:  Project Assessment Memo



On the day your final recommendation report is due, you'll need to prepare two copies of the report, one for the instructor and one for your team (your team may choose to forward this copy of the report to your target audience). You must also turn in an electronic copy of your report and a Project Assessment Memo for the Project.


Goals for the Sustainability Recommendation Report

Your overall aim is to propose a solution to a local sustainability problem.Your report should be written directly to the individuals, organization, or entity that has the power to enact your solution. Ideally, your target audience/reader will use this report to help them decide what changes in their organization are necessary to make. You should describe and identify problems with the current situation, determine causes of these problems, and describe strategies for addressing these problems. You will need to decide which problems are the most important and require attention first.


Analyze the Rhetorical Situation of the Recommendation Report

  • Why are you writing this report?Main purposes? Secondary purposes?
  • What are your goals for this report? Which sections should be clearly connected to those goals?
  • What different types of evidence are available to you?
  • How can use this evidence effectively?
  • Who are the writers of the report?Are they experts?
  • What is their relationship to the readers?
  • How will they establish ethos?
  • Who are your readers? List all possible readers -- primary and secondary -- and describe their relationships to the material.
  • What form/design should the report take?
  • How can this form/design help you achieve your goals?
  • How many different ways can you arrange the report?
  • What material will you choose to keep/include?
  • What material will you choose to delete?


Report Format

The recommendation report should be approximately 12-15 and include at least two visuals, one table and one figure. This page length is a rough guideline. Because professional quality business reports use appropriate page design, page lengths may vary depending upon the complexity of your project and the page layout you choose. The correct "minimum number of pages" for this assignment is -- the number that it takes you to fully and effectively make your case.


Each report must include the following elements in some form:


1. Front Matter of Report

1.1 Letter of Transmittal

1.2 Cover/Title Page

1.3 Executive Summary

1.4 Table of Contents

2. Major Sections of the Report

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Background

2.3 Recommendation

2.4 Methods and Findings

2.5 Conclusion

3. Back Matter of the Report

3.1 List of Sources

3.2 Appendices


Resources for this assignment

See the Word Documents folder for these samples and templates.






Grading Criteria


4. Project Assessment Memo (written individually or as a group)

Each person/group  will be expected to write a project assessment memo that describes your group's thinking, your group's writing practices, and how the group worked as a team.

  • Explain design and organization choices
  • Explain the group's reasons for including, or omitting, information
  • Discuss problems encountered with the assignment and decisions the group made to solve them
  • Discuss the collaborative process and the ways each group member contributed to the project
  • Evaluate the assignment and its potential for using in future classes


NOTE: Either your group must submit one collaboratively written project assessment memo or everyone on your team must submit an individually written project memo. Failure to follow this procedure will adversely affect individual grades.







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